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1.Please check the percentage of commission that platform charges, ranging from 0% free to 10% fee.

2.Please check the reserved stock of each E-currency and the minimum initial transaction amount on homepage.

3.Because the short-term volatility of the digital currency, after the order, please pay within 20 minutes to complete the payment, otherwise the order would be invalid.

4.All operations must be done by youself, and no third party operations are accepted.

5.All permissions need to be registered first, and after logging in.

6.Any transaction you make means that you have read the applicable rules, website usage protocols, confidentiality agreements and anti money laundering policies before implementation.


Q 1: How to register as an user?
A 1: Please click on the registration button on the upper right corner on homepage. Enter your information and fill in the registration verification code you receive through email, you can quickly complete the registration.

Q 2: About login, resetting passwords and deleting accounts?
A 2: You can click on the "login" button in the upper right and log in.
        If you forget or lose the password, you can reset the password by clicking the "forget password" button on the login page.
        If you need to delete an account, please send an email to the customer service email

Q 3: What is the meaning of the order status in “checking orders”?
A 3: After the order, the status is "unpaid".
        After payment, please click "paid" manually, and it turns to "pending", then just wait for Ecoinspeed to deal with.
        After Ecoinspeed sends the e-currency, the status is "filled".

Q 4: How long will it be necessary to complete the payment after the order? How long will take to get ecoins after payment?
A 4: All the exchanges associated with bitcoin and ethereum need to be paid within 20 minutes after the order, otherwise the order will become invalid. The exchange between other E-currencies can be completed within 2 hours at the latest. According to reserved stock and transaction volume, Ecoinspeed has the right to cancel the unpaid orders in advance. It is suggested that the user completes the payment instantly. In the usual working time, the E-currency and the digital currency can be issued within 1-10 minutes after the payment is completed. Epay USD, PerfectMoney USD to account in few minutes. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT's arrival time will be affected by the speed of block chain confirmations.

Q 5: What is's working hours?
A 5: Real time online livechat time:
                Monday to Friday: 9:00-18:00
                aturday&Sunday: randomly online.
        Order processing time:
                Monday to Friday: 9:00-21:00
                Saturday&Sunday: irregular processing.

Q 6: What if the reserved stock of E-currency I need to buy is not enough on Ecoinspeed?
A 6: Please contact our online customer service immediately to find out if the latest stock is sufficient. Or send mail to the customer service mailbox at